ArcheoFOSS 2014 – Call for proposals

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Those who want to submit a proposal should send it through the submission form (see below) at: workshop @ archeofoss . org

The thematic lines are:

  • FLOSS systems and tools in archaeological and cultural heritage research;
  • FLOSS systems and tools in management, preservation and enhancement of archaeological and cultural heritage;
  • FLOSS systems of representation, analysis, sharing and web publishing of archaeological and cultural heritage;
  • Projects focused on opening and disseminating archaeological and cultural heritage data.

Workshop sessions, in which the proposals may be included, are:
1 . talks
2 . seminars / workshops
3 . presentations of dissertations or small projects in progress
4 . barcamp
5 . install party or programming section
6 . other ( to be specified by the proposer )

Proposals will be included in the program based on contents, quality of work and number of proposals received.

The deadline for submissions is April 25, 2014 , at 24.00.

Proposal’s form:



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