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IX Workshop
Free/Libre and Open Source Software and Open Format
in the processes of archaeological research

 From research to shared knowledge. Technologies, methodologies and language ​​of open archaeology

Recent changes in the Italian legislation, aimed at enhancing the Italian information heritage and at providing a common ground for comparative benchmarks in the public sector, provide a regulatory and administrative framework increasingly directed at using free and open source software and at open sharing of data stored in public administrations, in a context enriched by many projects about Digital Cultural Heritage and by new digital infrastructures supporting the growing communities of archaeological research.

The IX Workshop ArcheoFOSS will deal with these topics, focusing the archaeological and cultural heritage aspects. The workshop will focus on the use of free and open source software and on the opening and sharing of data related to archaeology and cultural heritage. Key topics range from field research activities, to analysis and lab studies, to sharing and dissemination via the web, including the presentation of excavation, research, study activities and of projects aimed at data processing and dissemination, by professionals, researchers and officials.

 The Workshop will be divided into two days:

The first day will focus on activities such as tutorials, workshops, barcamp, on short presentations of tools or methodologies and on small projects related to  excavations, surveys or promotions of archaeological and cultural heritage.

The second day will focus on project reports and on talks concerning issues and themes related to Free, Open Source software and Open Data in archaeology and cultural heritage sectors. Special relevance will be given to the issues currently at the centre of debates regarding access to archaeological and cultural heritage data, research and research products freedom and accessibility.

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